A Hawaiian greeting learnt while Dr Kevin worked for five years in the Pacific Isle (2000-2005).

Dr Kevin is a Hawaiian shirt wearing Psychologist. The brightest shirt is always worn on Friday. TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) is a tradition also continued from Hawaii.

Dr Kevin works with patients to identify how to best help them, and connects with specialists if needed. The therapies and services currently offered to patients include:

Dr Kevin is registered with over 20 medical insurance firms, and can invoice most of the major medical and credit union insurance programs.

  • Individual & family therapy, blending families,
  • Family court reports, child access agreements/assessment,
  • Abuse and neglect issues,
  • Child and Adolescent therapies,
  • Relationships and conflict resolution, separation, divorce,
  • Medication monitoring, medication compliance problems,
  • Anxiety, depression, and life/work stressors,
  • Workplace harassment, injuries and rehabilitation,
  • Trauma therapies including EMDR therapist,
  • DVA and Veterans’ Affairs work.


PDFs of publications Dr Kevin finds useful and which are frequently used in his practice are available for you to download.

Assertiveness & Our Rights
Coping With Grief (5 Stages)
EMDR Trauma Therapy
How Is Haemochromatosis Diagnosed?
Measuring Your Potential For Burnout
Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale
Protection Order Application (Form DV1)
Sequence For Relaxation Therapy
What Is An Exercise Physiologist?
What Is Your Learning Style?
What is EMDR?
The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous


Monday – Friday Location – Unit 5/36 Windorah St, Stafford, QLD, 4053

Contact us

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm (QLD Standard Time)

Practice Manager: 0402 510 061 or drkevinozpm2@gmail.com

Dr Kevin: 0424 386 362 or drkevinoz@gmail.com


For all appointment bookings please contact the Practice Manager via the reception phone number on 0402 510 061 or via email at drkevinozpm2@gmail.com.

Please have your GP Referral and Medicare Card on hand to provide as much information as possible.

Please note; Dr. Kevin is in high demand and you may be placed on a waitlist to secure an appointment.


We provide a range of billing options, please call the Practice Manager on 0402 510 061 or email via drkevinozpm2@gmail.com to discuss these options.